Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DVF for GAP dress

I didn't know that Dian VonFirstenburg was doing a line for Gap Kids until a friend posted on Facebook that she wished she could wear some of it. Since I knew Emily didn't need anything I ignored this information   I went right to their website to check it out and immediately fell in love with the dress you see below. (image from Gap.com)
About a week later I was standing in Gap Kids holding the dress in my hot not so little hands in a 5. Honestly, the only thing that really stopped me from running to the register whipping out my credit card and buying it was the fact that my mom was with me and I wasn't ready to tell her I had just spent $78 dollars on a dress for a 4 year old that probably wouldn't even fit her all that well. Most ready to wear clothes are too wide and short for Emily and this one was definitely going to be at least one but probably both. So I came to my senses, looked at a bit closer, and said "Wait a sec I could totally make this." After all its really just a simple little aline dress.
I started with design 21 from otto 6/2011. Its just a plain zip up the back dress. I traced a 98 width with 110 length and the slashed and spread a bit because Emily likes to twirl. Then I drew a curve on the front and the back similar to the DVF dress.
The colors of mine are almost the same. I decided to use purple and white stripe at the top instead of blue and white because I had a men's shirt here that I had been meaning to upcycle forever. I also used white lace fabric that came from my mother or maybe grandmother's stash rather then trying to find a closer match to the lace. Oh and I used pink ric-rac instead of pink bias binding because I really like ric-rac and had some on hand already.
The original dress is sold out so I can't show you a picture of the back but I will tell you that it had a white exposed zipper. My local sewing store has a display of pretty zippers so I got this lovely purple one to match the top fabric instead.
Not that you can tell from the pictures but the other two pattern changes I made were cutting the dress on grain instead of on the bias and facing the top instead of fully lining the dress. I made both of these decisions because I had limited fabric. Well that and I added ric-rac to the bottom because who doesn't like a little ric-rac at the bottom.
I hope you like it as much as Emily does. I'm planning to enter it in the Ready To Wear contest on pattern review as well. I don't really expect to win but its fun to participate just the same.

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  1. What a fun dress! I don't know if I could have spent that much on the one from Gap. You did a great job and it looks like your daughter loves it. :)