Monday, April 9, 2012


Last year I made Easter outfits for all of us. This year I was not so industrious. I only made an outfit for Emily. I bought Elijah's outfit at Old Navy less then a week before Easter. I wore my dress from last year and Neil wore a random set of stuff from his closet.
Emily's set was a lot of fun and a good bit of work. Her dress from last year still fits so I wanted something totally different. The top is the Ellen McCarn bishop pattern shortened into a top. The smocking plate is really neat. Its all geometric smocking (my definite preference) but the stitches come together to make bunnies.
This skirt is yet another Vivienne. This time I fully lined the outer skirt with white batiste and then put it together the same way that I did this one. I'm glad I didn't sew the elastic in because her waist has gotten smaller and I had to open the side of the casing to adjust it on Easter morning.
I hope all of you had a great Easter. I'll get pictures of my first Project Run and Play sew along challenge up in a few days. My plan is to do all of the challenges this time. That brings me to a question. The last challenge is to do a piece that represents my signature style. I've been thinking a lot about this and I'm still not sure what to do so I'm seeking outside advice. What elements do you think fall into my signature style? Big or small I'd love to hear what you have to say. Sometimes its easy to miss the obvious when your in the middle of something afterall.


  1. Well, you sew a lot with PINK and PURPLE! I realize it may not be YOUR signature style....! I'd love to see a close-up picture of that bunny smocking. What is the name of the plate?

    1. Thanks so much and your right about the pink and purple Emily and I both really like those colors. The smocking plate Ellen McCarn Bunny Family. I bought it at Elegant Stitches and the number they have with it is 080706 I don't know if that's just for the store though. I'll post a close up later this week. The top had to be washed.

    2. I was going to ask the same thing! Let's see that bunny smocking in detail! What a neat idea!

  2. Emily and Elijah are adorable! Emily's top and skirt are exquisitely stunning!

  3. Emilys outfit is adorable.. Love the skirt.. and Elijah was cute as could be..Happy sewing.