Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hanna Play Dress

This week's Project Run and Play challenge is sports wear not active wear. I really wasn't sure where to begin with this one. I don't like the sports wear section of the adult pattern books for the most part. So I let my mind start to wander a bit and the same image kept popping up. The Hanna Anderson Its a Playdress its a Daydress. Around here that counts as an iconic piece of kids-wear. Now Hanna dresses are well made and great but they don't actually fit my daughter all that well and they are expensive so I decided to try my hand at recreating one. I started with the bodice of the farbenmix henrika but really any tee shirt pattern would work. Here's a quick breakdown of what I did. I sort of stopped taking pictures part way through the construction so I hope these are helpful.
First I marked where I wanted to cut the front and back. Just make sure the sides are the same length.
Add 3in to the center front for the placket.
Mark 1in increments on both front pieces.
Add interfacing to both front pieces.
Fold over twice to form placket.
Sew the shoulder seams. Fold binding around the placket as shown and stretch it just a tiny bit as you sew it on. I added the button holes first. If I make another one I will put the top hole closer to the top though. Baste the bottom front together then put it together like a regular dress. The skirt is just two gathered rectangles. I made mine 1.5 times wider then the bodice but if you want it fluffier just use more fabric.
As you can see Emily play tested it well. Its great for jumping, swinging, and all other forms of 4 year old activity.
I don't think they show in any of the pictures but just like the Hanna dresses are paired with coordinating bike shorts this dress is too. Here's are brown stripe to match the neck binding.

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  1. SO cute.. Looks so comfortable and easy to play in..Perfect.