Monday, April 2, 2012

Twirl Dress

This whole project started with the spring Mini Boden catalog. I always love their cute tees but I'm rarely willing to spend $28 on a tee for myself much less my 4 year old. Several caught my eye this season but the Spotty Dotty T-shirt ended up being the jumping off point for this dress.
I was going to make a tutorial for this part but its so simple I decided just to tell you what I did. I made a heart template and used a washable marker to draw the heart on the front of the shirt. I put some light iron on interfacing inside the shirt for stability. Then I sewed the pom poms on. Just make sure you sew through the center of each pom pom so they don't fall off. I was careful not to pull the thread too tight but I did not tie it off after each pom pom.
We still don't do much mix and match in Emily's wardrobe. Mostly bc I hang her clothing as outfits so we don't have to discuss what matches what in the morning. This means I try to make her complete outfits. My original plan was to make a shades of purple Sudoku skirt to go with this top but when I was digging through my scraps I discovered that I could match all the pom pom colors and couldn't resist.
I turned this into a dress bc Emily has been complaining about waist bands on her tummy lately and dresses make that a non issue.  I put the skirt together the same way I did in this tutorial last year except that instead of sewing on a yoke I cut the bottom edge off the shirt and sewed on the skirt.  This skirt takes a while to make but it twirls beautifully and its a great way to use up scraps.


  1. I love it!! And the twirl factor is clearly tops!

  2. I love this dress.Looks adorable on your daughter..

  3. I love these colors, and I love how you sew for your daughter! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!