Friday, May 25, 2012

1940s Flashback

Several people have had their 10 things I've learned from doing Sew Weekly challenges posted on the main page. I haven't written a list just yet. I think I'm still figure out what exactly I'm learning. This week was chock full of learning experiences though. It was 1940s week. Now if you haven't yet noticed I don't really sew a lot of or well any vintage patterns for myself. The truth is that as much as I like vintage looks on others I tend to feel a bit like a little girl playing dress up when I try them out on myself. At the end of the day I think that is my real problem with this weeks creation.
I made Vogue 8728. One of the 2 1940s reissues I have in my stash. I bought this pattern last year around the same time I decided this would be the year of no new patterns. I got the larger size bracket so I cut a straight 16. I made and adjusted to muslins but the top still needed some help. I ended up taking up the shoulders and putting a dart in the back after I bound the neck.
This fabric also gave me fits. Its some of the simply silky poly and it frayed if you looked at it funny. Oh well, its also machine washable which was great when Emily dripped cheese fondu on the skirt.
So what did I learn sewing this pattern.
 1) Read reviews before buying your pattern. I should have gotten the smaller bracket and simply added a bit to the waist.
2) If your making more adjustments make another muslin.
3) Poly is a PITA. OK I knew this one already and will no doubt learn it again but still my fabric choice did not help.

 I'm sure there are more but that's all I can think of at the moment. I will add that I think this year of weekly sewing is helping me learn a lot about my personal style and how different things fit into that. As for this dress I just don't know. Its lovely in pictures. It has some construction problems that I'm not thrilled with. I'm not really sure its me at all. Emily loves it and wants me to wear it to her dance recital so of course I will and it will get at least one more wearing. Then I think it will hang in my closet for a bit until I can forget about some of its problems and see it with hopefully fresh eyes.

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