Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bike Day

This past Friday was bike day at Emily's preschool. Emily loves her bike and was very excited. I was excited too except for the part of Friday morning where I would have to get Emily to wear pants or shorts to school. If you can't tell from the images of Emily here on the blog she does not really do pants or shorts. She wears skirts and dresses the twirlier the better. Trust me when I tell you that's her not me. Don't get me wrong it was me for a while but the tide has shifted on that one and I would love to make some cute little shorts and such but I don't because it would be a waste of my time.
All that said I wanted to make something for bike day that she might actually like so I decided to do the shorts version of the Mamu Puzzle Me Emily pattern.
I got this wild butterfly fabric last summer at Hancock Fabrics. The tee shirt is from Old Navy but I added the freezer paper stencil with my Silhouette. I really do enjoy that machine a lot. Its such a great way to add just a little something more to an outfit.
I took some pictures of the process for you as well because this really cute pattern has pretty awful directions. Its kind of interesting to me though. One of my good friend is German and she was telling me how her children speak both languages but that its a problem some times because a lot of things don't make sense when translated directly from German to English. I have a feeling that is what's going on with Mamu directions because about half the time I read them and think, "Well I know what all those words mean but that makes no sense at all."
So here goes. I like to start with the back ruffle/flounce things. I finished the bottoms of these with bias tape but lots of things would look nice. They are curved edges so just hemming them would be tough. Then I baste them together at the top.
Next I sew the shorts front, back, and crotch seams but leave the outseam undone on both sides. This is also when I finished the bottom of the legs. I finished the raw edge with my serger and added white ric-rac.
Gather the top of the ruffle and baste it to the top of the back part of the shorts. Then bast the ruffle sides to the back sides. This just makes it easier to sew the outseams.
Sew the outseams then attach the waistband.
That's it. Pretty easy right? I want to do the dress version at some point. If I get around to it this season I'll take pictures of that as well.


  1. I love these shorts with ruffles! Thank you for the idea!

  2. This is absolutely adorable shorts for the little girl who loves dresses and ruffles.. Tooooo cute.. The bike on the tshirt just made the outfit.. Great job.
    your daughter is adorable..