Friday, May 18, 2012

Mermaid Jamies

Well I guess you can tell by now that I didn't get a signature look done by this morning for the Project Run and Play. I have done a good bit of sewing this week I just didn't feel like rushing through a project to have it finished in time. I'll let you know which one was my signature idea when I get it finished and posted.

 Now as for Sew Weekly this week was mix it up week. My original plan for this just didn't work out either. I ordered a fabric to go with one I already had but the whites didn't quite match and while I'm fine with pinks that are slightly off these two were just going to bug me too much together so I had to come up with a plan B from my stash. That and the fact that I live in the south and have almost no summer jamies lead me to this project.
I bought this Heather Ross mermaid fabric a few years ago with Emily in mind but upon closer examination I realized that the mermaids were not wearing seashells and while their hair keeps them covered I just didn't feel right putting it on my daughter. No judgement to anyone who did I just didn't want to myself so it went into the stash. I didn't really want an outfit out of it either but its really pretty and soft so I decided it would be great for jamies this week.
Both of these patterns are from Otto 5/2011 and for the most part I like them both. The top was a bit more involved then I originally thought it would be and required a good bit of elastic but I also think this is what makes it comfortable for a 35 year old lady who has two kids. There's not much to the bottoms but they are pretty good too. Maybe a touch high in the rise but I think that's just bc I'm used to Old Navy pj pants.
Anyways, hope you like. Next weeks Sew Weekly challenge is the 1940s and while my dress is done I still can't decide if its a keeper or not. Perhaps I'll do a poll though maybe not bc the results might make me sad even if I agree with them.

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