Sunday, May 13, 2012

MMM + Mother's Day

I'm still going strong with the Me Made May thing. I only have three pictures for you though. Sorry its been a busy week. This was Monday I hurt my toe on Sunday so I was not in the best mood. I made this dress last year. The pattern is in my get ride of pile but I may keep it. This dress looks so much like a house dress on the hanger that it doesn't see a lot of wear but then every time I wear it I really like it and get lots of compliments. 
This was Thursday. I wore my black skirt with an Anthro blouse.  
This was Tuesday while we were taking pictures of Emily's cape. I wore the shirt I made for last year's nautical challenge with purple short from Kohls.
Wednesday was busy and then it was pouring rain when we were finally ready to take pictures. I wore the fax lace shorts from last summer with a Gap top.

Friday I wore my Alabama Stitch Book skirt that I still haven't gotten pictures of. Hopefully there will be a blog post coming at some point though bc it is great.

 Saturday we had a friends welcome baby party at our house. I wore my Mad Men dress.

 Sunday Emily and I wore our matching red dresses to church. She didn't want to despite the fact that she has made me 3 times now so I made her today.

 Speaking of today happy Mommy day. I've had a great one. I woke up and felt fully justified hopping right into the shower while Neil made coffee. Then when I got down stairs I got presents one of which was a subscription for the last 3 issues of Australian Smocking and Embroidery. You see I had decided that when the year of no patterns was up that would be my new pattern magazine then I found out they were ending it this year. I told him how sad I was a good while ago and that I really wanted the 100th and final issue for Christmas. This is even better and no they won't be going in my ticker. Why? because its my blog and I get to make the rules. Also bc I didn't buy them they were a gift. Possibly one of the best gifts ever since I didn't see it coming at all and I'll be able to have fun with them for years to come. I also went shopping today and came oh so close to actually buying a new pattern. I had it in my hand and everything but I put it back.

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