Sunday, May 20, 2012

MMM update

First off let me warn you that these are not great pictures. I'm still doing the me made things everyday and we did catch a few pictures but since they were mostly taken at the end of each day they are a bit rumpled.

 This was my Saturday outfit. The shirt is from Old Navy and the skirt is from a Favorite
 Things pattern. I made it a good while ago but its still a wardrobe staple.
On Tuesday I wore the athletic skirt I made myself to step. I think I ended up in me made later in the day as well but we had to run around a lot so I decided to start the day in me made just to be safe.
Friday I wore these lace print sailor shorts with another Old Navy top. Looking at the pictures I think perhaps I should start tucking shirts into my sailor shorts but we'll just have to see.
Monday I wore my black skirt with an Old Navy top. Wednesday I wore my pink sailor shorts and a zoo shirt. Thursday I wore my navy sparrows dress. I've got several posts in the works that I should get done in the coming days.

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