Thursday, May 31, 2012

MMM wrap up

I know you may have forgotten that I was doing Me Made May being as I've posted almost no pictures but believe it or not I have and I've learned a few things.

1) I really don't like getting my picture taken.

2) My husband does not really like taking my picture.  Possibly because I've called him the worst photographer in the world which he is not by the way.

3) I like my Kwik Sew sailor shorts.  I've made 3 pairs and they all came out to play this month. 

4) My black Meringue skirt goes with almost everything I own and apparently has some sort of magic stain hiding powers being as I wore it 4 times at least without washing it.

5) I make a lot more bottoms then I do tops.  I'll work on that one a bit I think.  I sure do have more top patterns then bottoms.

6) Speaking of bottoms I could really use some black shorts and maybe another pair or two of sailor shorts.

7) I love a knit dress. 

Now for the MVPs of MMM.

By far this skirt got the most wear.  However, this dress really came though in a pinch when I needed something to wear to Wicked.  Too bad I got ride of the pattern but really its a size big so perhaps I'll just buy it again in January.

Oh and if you didn't notice I've officially tried 30 new patterns this year.  That feels like a huge number so I'm super pleased. 

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  1. Stephanie! You are amazing!! I have been away from my blog for a little while so I got behind in reading other blogs. But you have been extremely prolific!! Everything is beautiful and fits you like a dream! You inspire me!