Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quick Princess Dress

My parents are coming to visit so I had to clean my sewing room. While I was getting things off of the quest bed I uncovered this tee that I smocked for Emily summer before last. It was in there because it still fin around but was too short. I also had this sort of see through one edge boarder print fabric that I was not super excited about. I put the two together to make a play dress. She loves it and I'm glad we'll be getting at least on more summer out of the top because the smocking took a while.


  1. Ha! I saw your title "Quick Princess Dress," and then I saw the photo, of a picture smocked garment, and I wondered how those two went together! Now I understand! I think it's cute. Yay! for getting one more thing off of the to-do pile!

  2. super cute... disney what little girl wouldn't love to twirl in this one..
    Such a pretty girl in such a pretty dress!!
    happy sewing.
    love your blog, it gives me ideas for my grandaughters dresses.