Thursday, May 10, 2012

Red Riding hood

This week Project Run and Play is all about movies. I debated this one for a while then on a bit of a whim I checked out Growing-up Sew Liberated from my local library and inspiration struck.
While the movie itself wasn't great I though the imagery in Red Riding hood was just beautiful. Don't worry Emily hasn't seen the movie but she has checked the children's book out of the library.
This cape was easy enough to make. Its pretty much a circle skirt with a hood after all. The fabric was a bit challenging. Its made with two yards of red satin. It was worth the challenge though because it moves beautifully.
These were also fun pictures to edit. I know I went a bit over the top but if you remember the movie it was pretty over the top as well so I think it works. 

I'm not sure if I'll be doing a signature look next week. I have two ideas one of which is cut out and ready to go but I just can't get excited about it. The other requires some pattern drafting and hasn't even been started yet so we shall see. Trying to do these and Sew Weekly every week has been challenging. If I were an actual competitor I would take a break from Sew Weekly but since I'm not I haven't and well its just been a lot so if it gets done it gets done but I have to remember that I sew for fun.

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