Friday, May 11, 2012

The Sparrow Dress

This dress has been on my to make list for a while now. As I mentioned yesterday trying to keep up with Sew Weekly and play along with Project Run and Play has been a bit of a challenge. The flip side of that is that usually if I wait long enough the things I want to make will fit into a Sew Weekly Challenge. That is how I ended up making this dress last week.
The challenge was to make something inspired by an old family photo. Honestly the two photo challenges really made me wish I lived closer to my mom or really that she lived closer to me since they are the ones who moved out of state. She has more photos of my childhood then I do. Oh well one day I hope. In the mean time I looked through what I had and found a photo of my grandfather holding a bird. Not a pet bird just a bird and since my mom doesn't journal in her albums I have no idea how he came to be holding it but the picture reminded me of this funny sparrow fabric I bought a while back so I decided it was finally time to make this dress.
I used Simplicity 2503 view F just with the sleeves cut short. I made a 14 all over (usually I would taper to a 16 at the waist for a knit) with about an inch added to the bottom of the bust area and only 0.25in seams for the waist section. I had planned to use the maxi length skirt but the fabric turned out to be way to thin for that unless I wanted to wear a slip. I cut the extra length off the skirt and used it to make a top layer. This provides enough coverage to wear it alone and I think makes a nice design element.
Speaking of the fabric its from Girl Charlee and is still available and still on sale. Just remember its thin and plan accordingly.
I wore this last week for Me Made May and will be wearing it a good bit in the future. It truly is a comfy summer dress. My favorite kind. The kind where I feel like I'm in a nightie and people tell me how great I look all day. I mean seriously who doesn't like that right? I'm also going to enter it in the pattern review best of contest. I'll try to stop back buy this weekend to update you on my MMM I'm doing well with it and even taking some pictures.


  1. I like it. It's very attractive on you.

  2. Beautiful and looks great on you. I love the mother daughter photo..SO pretty..

  3. Why were you so against wearing a slip?