Thursday, June 21, 2012

Daddy's Girl

I've spent a good bit of time deciding if I wanted to post this and then if so how I would go about doing so. Ultimately, I decided that it was something that I wanted to share both and a project and as an opinion. So here goes. I really enjoy the LilBlueBoo blog in general and I like to see what lovely dresses Ashley comes up with to put in her store. I haven't snagged one for Emily yet though. Some of them are style she would not wear or colors we just don't love. There have been two lately that I really wanted though. One was the Bestest Everest doughnut dress and the other was the Daddy's Girl dress. Both sold out before I had a chance to buy one. It did restock but would not have arrive on time at that point and I think was sold out by the time I saw the post anyways. I really wanted a Daddy's Girl dress for father's day though so I decided to hope that Ashley considers imitation to be flattery and started daydreaming of my own version. I know there are a lot of opinions about copying/inspired by projects in blog land but here are my thoughts.  I think its OK if you are making a project for your personal child but never OK to copy someone else and sell either the product or the pattern. I also think that its more fun to take an idea and run with it then it is to try and make an exact replica.

That's what I did here. I knew I loved the tie so I bought a tie for my silhouette and figured out adding text to it. Then I picked 3 fabrics from my stash that I liked together. I also modified a pattern that I already have. Once my year is over I'll consider buying a few of Ashley's patterns but for now I'm doing my best not to. I used the Olivia pattern but changed it quite a bit. Anyways I would have liked to get the real thing but one of the great things about being able to sew is being able to make things yourself so without further explanation here are some super cute pictures of Father's Day  morning at our house. Hopefully, one of these days a dress will pop up on her site that I just love and I will be sitting at my computer ready to act. I'll certainly keep my eyes open and of course keep reading and following her blog. When I remember I'll even wear my "choose joy" necklace.


  1. THis is an adorable dress. Fantastic for Father's day.
    My opinion on coping a style or idea is; I think you are honoring that person to like their garments/items. And I agree, I would never copy a persons idea to make an item for sell.
    But if you know, how to sew,why would you buy it? when you can make it to fit the way you need? I personally, don't think there is anything wrong with it.. Don't we all...look at catalogues are blogs to get ideas?
    Your family looks great in the photos..Such a cute dress.

  2. Very cute dress! The tie is fun.
    People have all sorts of ideas about "copying" ideas to make things for yourself, hehe. One thing for sure is that it's legal, so one could hardly argue you shouldn't do it. My take on it is, the point of patterns is to save you the trouble of drafting it yourself. Selling stuff is more of a gray area, but in stores you see cheaper knock-offs and variations of every "new" idea under the sun, so apparently that's legal, too.