Monday, June 18, 2012

Doll Clothes

I seem to fall into a bit of a rabbit whole every time I start sewing doll clothes. It starts with just an outfit or so but then it grows and grows. These are not even all of the things I've made lately. I did have fun though. Found some great tutorials and started a pin board all about doll clothes.
These were made for my Emily's friend Beca's Birthday.  The top is the Liberty Jane free tee.  Seriously, even if you have a tee shirt pattern you should download this one its awesome.  Its the only American Girl tee I make.  The denim skirt is from this tutorial.  The other too I just made up.
This is for the doll swap on Sewing Mamas.  The dress is from the CarlaC pattern.  The bag is from this tutorial and the headband is modified from this one.  I hope the headband works since I didn't have a doll to try it on.
This is a Bitty dress for the same doll swap.  Its made from an old Cabbage Patch Kids pattern but fits our Bitty well.
More for the Bitty swap here.  The tee shirt is my own pattern!  Seriously, can you believe it?  I sat down with my drafting book and Bitty's measurements and made my own shirt.  I'll be sharing it for free here soon.  I need to take pictures of the process.  The skirt is from this tutorial though its not as fluffy bc I felt like ti would be way to short.  The leggings are from a big 3 pattern.  I don't think the two work together but both are cute with the top.
This was supposed to go to the swap but Emily insisted that Bitty loved it so I ended up letting her keep it.  The dress is the CarlaC one with a bit of extra width.  If you don't know yet Bitty babies are wider then American Girl dolls.  They are built more like babies after all.
Last but not least the final doll swap outfit.  This one was made using this tutorial though I made myself a pattern instead of just using the arm cutout on the fabric.  I also shirred the bloomer bottoms and the arm wholes instead of making an elastic casing.  This is much easier as long as you do the shirring while the fabric is still flat.

Sadly, that is not everything. Bitty has another new outfit, a dance outfit that still needs bloomers, and a new nightie made from my tee pattern as well. I'll try to get the tee tutorial done in the coming weeks. Summer is pretty crazy here. In the mean time if you know of any other great doll sewing tutorials I'd love a link. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. I did that same shirring trick for doll clothes once before, too. MUCH easier! I don't have any other tutorial links to share; you've already raided my Pinboard for mine! ;) If you ever find out, and if you remember, I'd love to hear how the headband came out. I tried to downsize some human headband instructions, and it came out way too big for our doll.

    1. Yeah, pretty much if it was on pinterest I found it already. If the lady who gets it doesn't let me know I'll figure it out soon enough anyways. Emily will be getting an American Girl doll for either Christmas or her Birthday.