Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gack take 1,2,and 3

I've become a bit of a pinterest addict lately. If you want to follow me here I am. I've noticed though that pinning has become a bit like pattern buying used to be for me so I decided to take some time this summer and probably beyond to make an effort to use my pins. I've also been organizing them a bit which has lead to a lot more pinning but oh well at least pinning is free.

For my first official using my pins post the kids and I tried three different Gack/Goo/slime/flubber recipes.

From what I can tell the big question is weather you want to use borax or liquid starch. I could not find liquid starch locally but I ordered some from for less then $5.00 including shipping.   This tutorial had the kids mixing the ingredients in a large freezer. The kids enjoyed this for a while and its a good way to work on finger strength. It was pretty stringy and slimy when we took it out of the bag though. We played with it for a bit and then put it in airtight containers. It was less slimy and more fun on day two and is still doing well a week later. This purple stuff is made with borax using this tutorial. I barely even stirred it because the kids were yelling for me to help them while I was mixing it. It is not as stretchy or slimy but has a nice soft consistency. it was fun day one and also continues to be. I also used this tutorial but it was pretty much just like the other liquid starch one except that you just mix the ingredients together instead of using bags. Probably better if your kids aren't helping.  Now that its all made we hide plastic frogs and marbles in ours. Picking them out is fun and good for fine motor skills. So for now I think we'll be sticking with the borax type. I've got two more types to try plus some fun other kinds of dough and what not.

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