Tuesday, June 26, 2012

pink polk a dots

This is actually the second swim suit I've made Emily this year.  I'll post about the first one soon I just felt like doing this one today.  This one is special because it was made using all free tutorials.  Don't get me wrong there are some great looking swim suit patterns out there but in all of my stash I had one in Emily's size (that was the first one of the year) so I had to improvise a bit.
I used this free one piece pattern and tutorial as a starting point but I really wanted this one to be a two piece so she would have an easier time getting it on and off for potty trips.  The I stumbled upon this tutorial for making it into a tankini.  I didn't follow it exactly though.  Mostly, I just added an inch or so to the top of the bottoms and then 3 inches and a ruffle to the bottom of the top.  This caused sort of a swim dress effect but I'm thrilled with that.  The bottoms just looked too wide at first so I compared them to a pair she has and ended up taking about an inch out of either side.  I also only used 13 inches of elastic in each leg and probably could have gotten by with 12. 
It fits and works well.  Its also her current fav.  She's really into polk a dots right now for whatever reason.  I think its because she wants to be considered cute these days and thinks that they are cute.


  1. How old is your girl?
    Seems like she swims so well already. :)

    1. She turns 5 in October but she has been going to the pool since she was a baby so she's mostly working on getting her stroke correct.

  2. Adorable!! Your improvisation paid off :)