Friday, June 29, 2012

Pink Swimsuit

This was actually the first swim suit that I made Emily this summer.  Its from the Ottobre 3/2011 Mermaid Swimsuit pattern.
It was surprisingly easy to make after reading over all of the tutorials on this blog
The fabric is just bright pink swim fabric from Joann's.  I lucked out though bc there was not quite a yard left so they sold me the whole piece half off.  Remember it only takes maybe a half yard to make a suite this size so I have quite a bit left.
We really like this one but its not super easy to go potty in so we did 2 piece suits for the other two.  I'm just glad to have a few swimsuits that actually fit her well for the summer.  Little bit is a 3t around but at least a 5 in length so ready to wear suits do not work well.

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