Sunday, June 17, 2012


Summer has come and we have been busy here. I actually have a few posts in progress but I decided to get this one up tonight. One of the things I'm working on this summer is actually using some of the things I pin and deleting some of the ones that I know I will never do. This week we took on making playdough. Technically as a veteran preschool mom I have done this before but it was always a huge batch of all one color late at night right before it was due is school. Or sometimes a day or so after it was due but we won't talk about that. We used this tutorial. Its really just your basic cooked playdough but it worked well. We mixed a double batch then divided it into 4 bowls to color it with food coloring. I thought this made it easier to cook as well bc this meant I was cooking a small quantity in a little sauce pan 4 times instead of trying to stir a huge amount. Emily was skeptical but helpful. She even brought me a can of the real deal to show me what it was supposed to look like. Elijah was very helpful as well though at 9 I'm sure he won't tell his friends all about it. All in all having them help was fun but messy and the dough is great. It actually works much better in our playdough ice cream shop then the real stuff.

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