Thursday, June 14, 2012

Singing in the Shower

Those who know me well know that I cannot sing. I love music, I really love show tunes, I love to sing along, but it is not a pretty thing when I do. With that bit of information its not shocking that I enjoy Smash. Honestly though I didn't really pay much attention to the costuming until Gertie posted about the on her blog. I still didn't really give it much thought until I found out that Sew Weekly was having a TV themed week then after much debate I decided I needed my very own cherry dress. I'm sure you can tell but mine is not exactly like hers. First off I do not have Katharine Mcphee's body and while I like my body a lot I knew that I would not be comfortable in such a fitted wiggle dress. I also wanted to work with a pattern and fabric that would not be too difficult so I found some cotton Lycra cherry knit and used Simplicity 3503 which is one of my favorite patterns. For this one I used the front of view B and the back of view F. I also put the top on before attaching the waist band so that I could decide exactly how much cross over I wanted in the front. I highly recommend doing this if you make a dress like this. I put on my favorite bra stood in front of a mirror and played with it until it was exactly how I wanted it. Then I pinned the front carefully took it off and basted that part. You might have also noticed that my dress is pink not white. I did an etsy search for cherry fabric and when this one popped up I simply had to have it. After all pink is my favorite color plus I didn't want to have to make a fully lined dress and worried that anything with a white background would need to be lined. Hope you like. I've already worn it once and felt both comfy and pretty all day so Yay! This is my 3rd run at this pattern. You might remember it from the bird dress and the gold dress. This one was actually a combo of those two views.  I've got some more posts coming soon we've just been super busy since school got out.


  1. So cute.. Love cherries.. and I bet the knit is really comfortable. Happy sewing.

  2. Love this dress. You're a hoot! I like the red cherries on the pink background.