Thursday, July 26, 2012

chalk paint

I pinned a bunch of kid projects at the beginning of the summer in hopes of having some good answers to the question "What are we going to do today?"  I mean honestly I didn't give birth to Phineas and Ferb after all.  I do envy there mom some days though.
On this particular day Emily was home from camp bc she had been sick the night before but was feeling just fine and wanting to be entertained.  We used this tutorial to make side walk chalk paint and she worked on her project for over an hour.  Sadly, it rained shortly there after.  I think this was one of those projects where the process was the best part anyways though.
We used the last of our neon food coloring to get such vibrant colors and had a brush for each color.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Flowered Girl Shorts

I made these little shorts a few weeks ago when as luck would have it the moment I decided Emily didn't need any more summer clothes she decided she was only wearing shorts.  She's over that now though she's still willing to wear them some which is good since she's going to outdoor day camp in a few weeks.
I used the shorts pattern that comes as part of the Oliver and S puppet show tunic pdf.  I bought the pattern last year to make Emily's Annie dress and nearly forgot about the shorts until I was trying to find a cute pair in an otto.  These were easy to make and a nice fit for her.  I made a 5 and will likely get another year out of them but I didn't want to do a 4 this close to the end of summer.  The fabric was also left over from another project so in?  Much better then going to the store and buying a pair and they don't fall off of here like her Target shorts.  Forgive the little model.  She was not in the best mood.  We were trying to get to camp and she had just fallen and scraped her ankle.  Don't worry though lots of hugs and kisses were given and she is all better now.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

zoo dress

Summer has been a busy time around here so I haven't been sewing as much and blogging even less.  I actually finished this dress about  a month ago.  Originally I bought this fabric thinking of a trip to the national zoo but we ended up changing our plans and this spring I decided to go ahead and use the fabric before she gets too old for it or too big to get a smocked dress out of two yards.
I debated using a few different patterns before settling on adding smocking to the skirt of the Olabethe Emily pattern.  I also made the skirt much longer since the pattern is for a top.  Its a great basic pattern though I used it or our brighter then the sun dress as well.  Who knows one day maybe I will make it as a top.
Since, these straps button at the back I made them extra long and put a deep hem in the skirt so that it will fit her as long an its big enough around.
Here is a close up of the smocking.  I did use a plate but its really simple just like I like it.
She's worn it a few times so far so hopefully she will keep wearing it.  I'm pleased at least.  As much as I like dresses with lots of smocking I also really like ones like this with just a little bit to add some extra detail.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Homemade marshmallows

A few weeks ago the kids and I gave this homemade marshmallow recipe a try.  Are the good for you?  NO They were fun to make though and quite a tasty treat. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Blue Burda Dress

Hi ladies if you've commented lately and not gotten a response I'm sorry. I spilled coffee on my regular computer so my husband and I are sharing at the moment. I think this is my 200th post here. I'd love to tell you that I have some great event planned but the truth is I can't think of anything. I can tell you that I still very much enjoy blogging here. I can also tell you that I'm way behind when it comes to posting thanks to a busy but fun summer. Hopefully I'll catch up some in the coming weeks as I plan on taking on some larger sewing projects over the next few months. Now on to the fun.
For some reason blogger things I want this to be the first picture.  Oh well.  This dress was supposed to have a high back but it stuck out funny so I just turned it into a V to eliminate the problem.
Please just pretend that my eyes are open here.  This is the dress from the Burda Style book.  I got the book for Christmas and then sat it on a shelf for months.  I'm glad I pulled it out and gave this dress a go.
Here's the side view.  This was also my Sew Weekly contribution for last week.  I think I'm going to put Sew Weekly on the back burner for a bit though.  I'll still post if I have something that works but I have some other projects that I really want to work on.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Girl Shorts

I saw the most adorable shorts on the jcrew site at the beginning of summer and pinned them right away. Then I reminded myself of Emily's long standing rule regarding shorts and pants being unexceptionable and decided not to waste my time. Well as luck would have it about the same time as I decided she had enough clothing for really several 4 year old girls she suddenly decided that she needed girl shorts. My initial reaction was to say no you can wear the 2 pairs you have but after a few too many morning arguments I agreed to make her a pair or two. Honestly, it just wasn't a battle I was willing to fight plus I would love to make some cute winter pants.
I made these from leftover fabric to go with this top that I made last year.  Its still pretty big on here so I'm hoping to get at least one more year out of it. 
These are the inspiration shorts.  Mine are not exactly the same but I'm pretty pleased just the same.
Here's a front view.  The rise is a little long.    It was my first go at the basic pattern that I used and If I make it again I will take just a bit off the rise.
Here's the size view.  I also made you guys a quick tutorial of sort.  Now let me be clear that I am not the world's greatest tut writer but I hope its helpful.  I know there is one out there for using and Oliver and S pattern but I didn't read it since I don't have that pattern.  So I'm showing you how I did it from just a basic 2 piece shorts pattern.  Mine was from Ottobre 3/2011.
Now its done yeah!  This is my first attempt to link to a google doc so if it doesn't work by all means let me know.