Monday, July 9, 2012

Blue Burda Dress

Hi ladies if you've commented lately and not gotten a response I'm sorry. I spilled coffee on my regular computer so my husband and I are sharing at the moment. I think this is my 200th post here. I'd love to tell you that I have some great event planned but the truth is I can't think of anything. I can tell you that I still very much enjoy blogging here. I can also tell you that I'm way behind when it comes to posting thanks to a busy but fun summer. Hopefully I'll catch up some in the coming weeks as I plan on taking on some larger sewing projects over the next few months. Now on to the fun.
For some reason blogger things I want this to be the first picture.  Oh well.  This dress was supposed to have a high back but it stuck out funny so I just turned it into a V to eliminate the problem.
Please just pretend that my eyes are open here.  This is the dress from the Burda Style book.  I got the book for Christmas and then sat it on a shelf for months.  I'm glad I pulled it out and gave this dress a go.
Here's the side view.  This was also my Sew Weekly contribution for last week.  I think I'm going to put Sew Weekly on the back burner for a bit though.  I'll still post if I have something that works but I have some other projects that I really want to work on.


  1. THis is really cute.. Love the fabric you chose..
    Happy sewing.
    ps sorry about your computer..

  2. I really like the ruffle at the bottom :3