Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sharpie Tie Dye

As summer goes one I hope I'm not the only mom out there who is beginning to think that she would let Phineas and Ferb do whatever they wanted just because they entertain themselves so well. In my house one of my children never turns to the other and say's "I know what we are going to do today". No my kids ask me what we are going to do almost constantly. Now I'm not one of these people who won't let a child be bored or simply give someone who complains a job. I mean really there is always picking up and cleaning available as well as reading and working on your handwriting but I do like doing fun things with them as well so we had to try Sharpie Tye Dye.
I looked at several tutorials but the idea is pretty much always the same.  You pull the shirt tight over a cup, draw on it with a sharpie, and then use rubbing alchol to make it spread.
Then you let them dry completely and set the color in the dryer on high.
What made this one fun was watching the kids come up with different ideas to use for the drawings.  Emily is a very patient colorer and filled all over her space in with many different colors every time.  Elijah is not a huge fan of color but had fun drawing actual pictures and seeing what happened to them as they spread out.  Mommy liked that it took over an hour to make 2 shirts but got a headache from the rubbing alchol smell.  It was just too hot to work outside but that would probably have been a better idea.
Here is a link to a tutorial if you would like to try this project out yourself.

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