Tuesday, August 7, 2012


A few weeks ago Sew Weekly did a get real sewing challenge. The goal was simple all I had to do was sew something we actually needed. I could probably do a few months of get real challenges but where would the fun be in that? For this one I ended up deciding that the ladies of the house could use some new panties. I've pretty much always made Emily's but this was my first go at making my own. I used to buy all my panties from Victoria's Secret but lately I have not been happy with their quality so I decided it was time to branch out.
I used Jalie 2568 for both of us.  I originally bought it for the lace hipsters but ended up liking the cut of the bikini the best.  For Emily I used the higher rise but curved the front down just a tiny bit since she does not like anything going over her tummy.  For me I split the difference between the two rises to get a fit that I'm comfy in. 
As you can see I have quite the variety.  Some of Emily's are even made from clothing that she has outgrown.  For me my favorites are the ones made from quality cotton Lycra with fold over elastic legs.  I ordered all of my elastic from The Fabric Fairy and it is super nice and comfy.  I tried ones of the stuff they are selling at Joann and did not like it at all.  This could also be a really fun projects for old or cheap tee shirts.  For mine I needed at least a 1/2 yard cut for length but could have easily gotten 2 pairs for me and one for Emily out of that so there will likely be more panties of doll clothes from most of these prints. 

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  1. how adorable are the panties................from aunt janet