Thursday, September 13, 2012

Emily does Sew Weekly

I'm still trying to do most of the Sew Weekly challenges though if I'm honest I have to say I've been a complete slacker about actually getting the posts in on time. I figure mine are unlikely to be featured anyways so if I can get it in on time great but if not oh well. Sorry Mena. The impending change of season also has be sewing or Emily instead of myself quite a bit lately. You see she needs almost all new clothes for fall and winter while I can still wear most of my stuff from last year. I do have the craftsy jeans drafting course that I hope to use to copy my favorite cords before they fall completely apart but I can make it to January with what I have while she probably can't currently make it through a cold snap. The trying not to buy patterns has me using my old Ottobre's quite a bit which is great since every time on arrives I love it so much and daydream of all the cute outfits I will make. Now I'm going back through and actually making the outfits. I have to tell you though I'm finding the autumn sale on Olabethe patterns horribly tempting so don't me shocked if my ticker goes up in the next few days.
I did this tunic for plaid week.  It is a modified version of design 25 from Ottobre 6/2010.  I added a good bit of length to the bottom two tiers and made elastic casings instead of pleating the neck and arm holes. 
This dress was done for Gatsby week.  Now I had no idea Gatsby party's and such were a thing until last year when the Sew Weekly ladies made dress and had a party so I was guess a bit here.
After browsing google and etsy looking at kids patterns from the 20s and 30s I settled in on this little Ottobre dress.  You see what I liked about most of the dresses from this time frame is that they were little girl dresses not little versions of grown up clothes.  I particularly like the ones styled like this where the aline starts at the shoulders and stops around the knee with a nice high neck.
This dress is design number 13 from Ottobre 6/2011.  It was relatively easy to sew.  I made a 110 with 116 length.  The tucks on the yoke are done before you cut the piece which is much easier.  The only real change I made was binding the sleeves instead of  doing a ruffle sleeve.


  1. Love your long sleeve dresses! I have a hard time finding those in RTW. Now, about that sale. I don't think the Olivia is a fall/winter dress....... ;) ;)

    1. No its totally not neither is the other dress I want. I do want the kilt pattern as well but I think it was just the sale tempting me. I probably won't but them I just love the idea of buying the 2 I really really want and getting 2 I like but probably wouldn't buy for free. I think that's what has been good about this year though as I've been stopping to think instead of just buying.

  2. These little dresses are so adorable! I really love the plaid one, with the plaid on the bias for the yoke. Your daughter looks so cute :)