Saturday, September 22, 2012

Into Polka Dots

I've never really been blown away by polka dots but at some point this summer Emily decided that she is really into them.  That's why 2 of her 3 swimsuits this summer were polka dotted.  That is also where the plan for this outfit came from.  It has 3 different polka dot fabrics plus polka dot ribbon. 
The top is from the Japanese pattern book Girly Style.  Forgive me but I can't find the book at the moment to tell you which letter it is but since you would have to have the whole book to make the top it doesn't really matter that much.  It was fun and easy to make despite the lack of English directions.  It was a pain to trace as are all patterns from that book but doable in a well lit area.  I don't use this book as much as I should considering that every time I do I'm blown away by how cute and sweet the designs are.
The pants are the cargo pants from Ottobre 3/2011 minus the cargo pockets.  I ran completely out of fabric before I could cut them.  I ended up adding ribbon stripes down the side instead.  They were fun to make though.  They have inseam front and back pockets as well as a fully functional zip fly.

I should also let everyone know that I am working on a Sewing With a Plan (SWAP) project for Emily for the fall but am not allowed to share it until the contest ends. I'm sure I will post between now and then but if I don't show you any sewing that is why. Don't worry I'll detail the whole thing when its done. So far I'm really enjoying the process of making separates instead of outfits.

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