Tuesday, October 30, 2012

black and red

I included this picture mostly as prof that sometimes Emily is not at all interested in taking modeling pictures.  She likes both pieces but it was cold and she was getting her inner tween on.
This one is a bit better.  These pants were made with the same pattern as these.  The top is a RTW one with an applique that I bought a few years ago sewn on.  I'm pretty sure I ended up with it because she threw a huge fit in JoAnn's one day and I just didn't have the energy to argue anymore.  I didn't use it for over a year though so I think we both proved our point. 
Here's a back view of the pants.  I really like how nice this pattern can look with all the top-stitching.  I even bought bright read top-stitching thread just for this project.  The fabric was left over from making this skirt.  I'm loving how the all back with red is a little punkish though I don't think you can be all that punk in Disney.  Oh  well.. 
Emily's new doll Emma also needed some pants to wear with her red shirt.  I had just enough fabric and thread left for these little pants.  I made them using view D of Simplicity 5733.  I added a lot of top-stitching and the pockets from view G of the same pattern.  I'm happy with them but the rise is pretty high and they are not as fitted as I would like.  I really want to order the Liberty Jane pattern so don't be surprised if my ticker changes in a few days.  I'm not sure if I will resist or not especially with a doll swap to sew for.


  1. super cute.... Proud you got the applique...it is so cute on her shirt.lol

  2. Oooooooh! Look at that red top-stitching. Love it! And dolly to match.

    So I'm curious. Come the end of December, are you going to review your pattern-less year and tell us which patterns are top of your list for Jan 1?

    1. I'm sure I will do something. I have to think about what I've actually learned. If I'm being honest though I'm not sure what is topping my list. There are a few on my Christmas list but now that I got the LJ Jeans I can't think of anything.