Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Early Christmas Photos

I know very early for Christmas but my favorite photographer was doing some 30 minute mini sessions at the end of August and I decided to go ahead and get this checked off my list.  If your local her name is Kimberlee Edwards I've been using her for several years now and she is great.
This is pretty much what Elijah's life is like these days.  One minute Emily is play with the butterfly net and the next well you see what happened.  We had to rescue him right after the picture because she started trying to pull him around.  Don't worry though no 9 year old were hurt to obtain funny pictures.
Speaking of Emily this dress was my last completed smocking project.  It is the Annabelle dress from issue 99 of Australian Smocking and Embroidery.  I changed the straps to button onto the back instead of tie since she is wearing it as a jumper.
The dress was pretty easy though it would have been easier if I had followed the directions from the beginning.  I smocking was also nice and simple which I really liked since it was going over a printed fabric.  As usual the pattern ran pretty big in my opinion.  I made her a 4 and it will surly fit her in both width and length for a good while.  I like this though because it means that she will not out grow most of my smocking patterns for a while still.  Too bad it means she won't grow into some others for that same amount of time.
Elijah is modeling shorts from Old Navy and a Shawn White for Target top.  I do sew for him some but not as much as he is getting older.  We also didn't get as many pictures of him but that's OK.  We got a few good ones and he is at an age where he feel awkward getting his picture taken .


  1. What lovely photos..Love the butterfly net one.. I so understand.My son has twin girls that are 8 and a son who is 13...We see quiet a bit of these kinds of photos, [until he gets tired of them..and lets them have it.lol]
    The dress is adorable.Love the smocking..so pretty.. Happy sewing.

  2. Love, love, LOVE your smocked jumper!! And that Sherbet Pips! Thanks for including the information about fit.