Tuesday, November 13, 2012

tangled times 2

Emily got invited to one of her best friend's birthday parties this weekend.  I wanted to make the girls matching dresses and Emily wanted it to be purple since that is her friends favorite color.  I also didn't want to buy new fabric since I have so much cute little girl fabric in my stash.  This Tangled cord  only problem was that I only had 2 yards and its not even 45in wide.
I used the Carla C pattern for these.  Its a great little pattern.  My favorite part is that you pick the width and length separately so no fussing with adding length for my tallish and very skinny thing.  I made both the same size though so I hope the other one fits as well.
I really didn't have quite enough fabric so Emily's dress has a seam down the back.  I think I have just enough for the 18in doll version but I haven't had time to make one just yet.  Soon I hope.


  1. THis is so cute. Emily looks adorable, and know her friend will be happy with her new dress. and the girls get to be "twins" , which is so fun.
    Just curious, does it button on the shoulders, or just slip over their heads?

    1. It buttons at the shoulders. By the way did you want some patterns for your charity sewing?

    2. Oh, that would be wonderful.. Just let me know ,what you want for them.. I am just now seeing your reply.