Friday, November 9, 2012

The Last Pattern

I've been very busy lately so I don't have much new to show you. I do have a pile of half finished doll clothes for a swap that I will hopefully finish in time. I also have some jumpers and an dress that I haven't managed to catch a single picture of Emily in yet. Oh well life is full of good things around here. I've also been trying to figure out what I have learned in my year of very limited pattern buying. Here's what I know so far.
  • It's helped me learn to stop and think before I snap up a cute pattern for a project that I have no time for.
  • I haven't bought any patterns just because they were on sale.  That's particularly good bc when I buy them on sale I usually end up getting one that I really wanted and several that I never would have gotten otherwise.
  • I've gotten to make quite a few things that I have been meaning to make forever
  • I think I'm really starting to appreciate my Otto collection but I don't plan to ask for a subscription this Christmas.
  • I still have quite a few unused patterns that I really love.
 This one was special though.  I saw a version of it on Sew Weekly out of fabric that I have in my stash and was smitten.  Of course I could not find it in my size and since its only from 1976 I decided to wait around instead of trying to size up or down.  A little part of me was hoping that I would not find it until next year but when this one popped up I decided that it was worth adding one more to my count for the year. 


  1. It's a cute one. Is that for knits or wovens? Love those vintage patterns.

    I have a question for you. I don't own any Ottobre, and I AM thinking of asking for a subscription for Christmas. Do you think it would be better to get a one-year subscription or pick and choose a few select older issues?

    1. I got a few older issues before deciding to subscribe but really I think you would do well either way. It was exciting too watch the new issue come up each time and then wait for it to come in the mail. The only down side is that their pattern sheets take some getting used too and their directions are not very involved.

      The pattern is for wovens.