Thursday, November 29, 2012

Village Frock

In some ways the Village Frock pattern is at least partly to blame for my rather large pattern collection. I liked it when it came out but I wasn't sure if I was up to making it and wasn't up for paying I think $16.00 plus shipping for a pattern. My how things have changed but I digress. I also figured if I wanted it one day I would just buy it then. Then all of a sudden it was gone. Most of you know this story but for whatever reason of which there are many rumors Sugar City Patterns stopped existing and the Village Frock became one of the most sought after patterns in the sewing community. At one point I tried unsuccessfully to draft my own version and then sort of resigned myself to live without the frock. That is until a few months ago when a certain very nice online sewing friend offered to share her copy with me. Now usually I'm not much of a pattern sharer because I know how much work goes into drafting a pattern but being as the creator of this one is for whatever reason no longer trying to sell her pattern I was super excited.
I had to size it up a bit since her copy was for a size 2/3 and Emily is more of a 5 these days (insert sobbing sounds here) but it was easy to size up.
I used some super soft ballet print cord for my first attempt.  I like how it looks out of a heavier fabric but I will warn you that even with my good machine sewing the binding in place was a bit of a challenge with all the thick layers.
The only change I made was to leave off the button loops.  I put button holes in the binding instead.  I like the effect but those were not some easy holes to sew or buttons to sew on.  The buttons came from my Chez Ami grab bag and match the little roses in the print perfectly. 
So a big thank you to Jenny Jo it was so exciting for me to get to try out such a sought after pattern.  I think its a little too distinctive of a dress to have 2 of at once but I bet I'll give it another size up for next year.  The good news is its really easy to add width and length too since its really only 3 main pieces and 3 gathered ones.


  1. Oh... this is adorable..Emily looks so cute in it.How nice of the lady to share it with you..

  2. Yay!! She looks great! Love it in the cord! And I must say, you did a most excellent job of altering the neckline. Every other one of these I've seen, including my own, hangs off the shoulders of the child.

    I was nodding my head as I read your story. I could say EXACTLY the same thing...I'm MUCH faster to snap up a pattern I like, especially by an indy designer, because of the way I missed my opportunity to buy a proper copy of this one.


    Have you seen this one?
    I own the Village frock myself but this pattern just came out, too. :)