Thursday, December 27, 2012

2 more for Emma

My initial plan was to make Emma the doll a bunch of new clothes for Christmas but that got derailed for several reasons.  First of all, Emily is in and out of my sewing room constantly and I think she can smell when I'm working on doll clothes.  Secondly, I had what we will refer to as a little too much fun shopping this year.  Lastly, we really need to come up with a good doll clothes storage system before she gets many more outfits.  I did get these two finished and then delivered into her hot little hands though.
I'm sure I mentioned it in the original post but one thing I love about Carla C patterns is that they come with an 18un doll version.  I mean seriously all Emily really wants is for me to make Emma an exact replica of everything I make her.  That will not be happening but from time to time I pull it off.  This was made out of the very last few scraps of the fabric for these jumpers.  The only difference is that Emma's snaps at the shoulders instead of buttoning. 
I had to share this pictures too.  I asked her to hold Emma so I could see her dress.  Not quite what I meant but oh well.

When my friend Angela got me the pattern to make her daughter's doll a cheer costume she decided I also simply had to have the princess dress pattern.  What a nice friend right?  This Is my first attempt.  I'm not too sure what to say about this pattern.  Its one that makes me wish pattern review had a this pattern was fine option.  I guess what I will say is if you have some basic sewing skills its not bad except that like all doll clothes its tiny and flitzy but if your new it might be frustrating.  I have two more of these cut out Belle and Cinderella but I don't know exactly when I will get them made.  By the time you read this my parents will be using my sewing room as a guest room so I have a good bit of cleaning to do between now and then.


  1. Adorable doll clothes.. what fun.. [and the excitement of trying to sew with little ones in the house , is very challenging,ha]. Happy sewing.

  2. There was a flurry of doll sewing around here just before Christmas, too. My kids are the opposite; they pay absolutely no attention to what I'm doing on the sewing machine! It helps. ;)