Monday, December 10, 2012

2011 part one

As I was working on my summery posts for this year I decided that I simply had to dig back through 2011 and lament how big my babies are getting.  Thankfully while I was doing that I stopped to think about what is still around from the first year of this blog.  Don't worry I'm not going to post everything but here are some standouts.
I made so many nighties in 2011 and most of them are still hanging on.  Most of them are also getting small though so I think 2013 might have to begin with some nighties and pjs.  I also think I should remember how long these things last when I start to stress about how much fabric they take.  Many of these are on their 3rd winter I even have some from late 2010 still in the rotation.  I think I got my moneys worth out of the sale flannel.
Believe it or not Emily has this dress on today.  It was a bit big then and the sleeves are maybe a bit short now but she loves it and its still in one piece so she can still wear it as far as I'm concerned.
We're still wear this to dress up.  If you haven't read it here before I'm a huge fan of making dress up clothes out of cotton or poly cotton quilting fabric.  They hold up well, wash well, and really don't wrinkle that badly considering we mostly store them on the closet floor.
Elijah still wears this one to keep him warm when he goes to swim practice.  I'm going to have to retire it soon being as the sleeves are too short but he loves it too much for that. 
I hope this one still fits in the spring bc it is one of her favorite dresses of all time.  I'm not really sure why.  I've asked her and I don't think she is either but it reminds me that sometimes the simplest things are some of the best.
As much work as this took I'm so glad it still fits and is loved.  I would like to make another heirloom style dress eventually though.  I even have several different patterns and styles in mind.  I'm not sure if that will happen in 2013 or not though since I already have a plan for Easter.  I love the idea of making a cranberry color long sleeve one with a full slip for Christmas though.  Oh and as much as I hate to disappoint  the people who get hand me downs from us this one will be going in her hope chest not a hand me down bag.  
Its funny, when I took these pictures I was tired bc I had just run my first 10k.  Since then I've runt 2 half marathons.  I've been wearing the skirt a good bit lately though bc its fun to style.  Its no fun at all to iron though just as a warning if you're considering the pattern.
Here's Neil in his shirt.  He's lost weight so I will probably need to make him a new shirt for Easter this year.
This dress was one of the patterns of 2011.  I finally realized that it works better with a tank top under it since I could have easily gone down a size.  Oh well, I get compliments often when I wear it and its really comfy. Some of the sewing is atrocious though so it reminds me of how much I've learned since then.

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