Friday, December 28, 2012

Cozy and Fuzzy

One thing that both of my kids absolutely get from my husband is a true love of all things soft and fuzzy.  See  Neil's adult blanket sleeper as an example.  Emily also loves all things soft and fuzzy and the sleeves on really all of her winter night gowns were getting a bit or actually a good bit too short. 
I've been feeling tempted by this pattern ever since I bought Emily's Christmas dress but I didn't feel like waiting plus I figure I must have something similar in my pile of ottos.  I was about to give up hope when I gave the Amima tunic from otto 4/2011 another look.  I left off the pockets, narrowed the arms, and added a good 5 inches to the bottom and here you have it.  I wouldn't use it for a dress without some additional color blocking but it makes a great simple night gown.
The fabric is sweatshirt fleece that I picked up on clearance back in January.  I don't love the seam down the back but since I had less then a yard of fabric it was unavoidable.  Emily loves how soft it is though.  Good thing I have a bit more of another print.  I'll have to get on that pretty soon since she has worn this one every night since I gave it to her.  

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  1. Adorable gown.. SO proud you found the pattern to use, and didn't have to buy one.. I love the hearts all over. SO perfect for a pretty little girl. Happy sewing.