Monday, December 3, 2012

Cute and Smart Again

If your a regular reader don't worry your memory does serve and you have seen this outfit before.  Its time for Project Run and Play auditions again.  I almost didn't enter since I've been busy and didn't have time to put together a specific outfit for the link party but then I realized that I made an entire SWAP wardrobe during the proscribed time frame.  These happen to be my favorite pieces from the SWAP.
I used my Silhouette cutter and layered two of their stencils to make the graphic on this tunic. I did this because as Emily is getting older I like the idea of presenting her with images of  people in glasses that do not also say geek or nerd. I modified design 12 from Ottobre 4/06 to make the tunic.
The back say's cute and smart this goes back to my not liking to call her a nerd just because she needs glasses.
Here's a close up of the ribbon detail on the sleeve.
Here are the back pockets.  I added ric-rac and princess patches to make these pants as girly as possible.  Up until this year Emily has been highly anti pants and I wanted to get her used to the idea of girl pants before starting K in the fall.  Not that we don't still do quite a few dresses but I wanted a bit more variety.
Here's the front of the pants.  They were made from the jeggings patterns in Ottobre 4/2011 using 2% stretch denim and the size she needed for length not width.  I also used jewel tone rainbow top-stitching thread to put 3 lines of top-stitching on all the details.
If you're just popping over here from the link and would like to see all the SWAP pieces here they are.  This was my first time doing this type of sewing but we are really enjoying the results so I'm sure it will not be the last.


  1. popping over from Project Run and Play - I was a glasses wearer from 5-10 (I also wore a patch - so uncool), I LOVE that you are giving your daughter such beautiful images of glasses wearers!!!

  2. I've got my fingers crossed for you! And I still love the rainbow topstitching!

  3. Super cute! Checking out the Project Run and Play competition :o)

  4. What an adorable outfit. The graphic on the shirt is beautiful and the words on the back are perfect!

    Love the "princess" pockets on the pants.

  5. The whole outfit is absolutely darling!!! Down to the ric rac on the jeggings pockets!!! Love, love!!