Friday, December 28, 2012

Little Green Frog Overalls

Two years ago one of my lovely next door neighbors gave me a bag of patterns that she no longer needed for her grand-kids.   Some of them are still too big for Emily and some I have already used but these little overalls simply had to be made.  The pattern is from the early 80s and if its not the same pattern my mom had back then its awfully similar.
The great thing about overalls is they are easy to play in. 
The frog fabric is some of the kids bottom weight fabric from Joanns.  I bought it a few years ago with plans to make a feliz dress then never quite got to it.  They are underlined with hot pink flannel.  The flannel is her favorite part since she loves all things fuzzy.  Underlining them was pretty easy except that I didn't fasten the pieces together first so they slipped around a bit.
I even had to big pink flower buttons that I bought a while back so I didn't have to buy anything to make these.  We even had the hot pink shirt in our hand me down trunk.  I'm saving the pattern bc it also has a short version that I may make this summer.  The only alterations I made were add a few inches to the straps and not putting elastic in the cuffs.  If I make them this summer or next fall though I will need to add length in both the body and the legs. 

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  1. Adorable. I love the frog print.. I have made overalls for my grandkids too. Very similar pattern.. They loved them..