Monday, December 24, 2012

New pattern 60

I didn't make this dress.  Remember back when I made Emily's father's day dress and said one day I would really buy a Lil Blue Boo dress well one day came on a very frustrating Wednesday a few weeks ago.  Its no secret that I've been busy with other things and not sewing as much as I would like.  Well about the time that I was stressing out about the fact that the Christmas top that I thought would fit Emily did not Ashley posted these cute dresses on facebook and I just couldn't resist.  I even bought the matching one for her American Girl Doll.  Honestly, is beautifully made and she loves it so I have not guilt about the purchase and I got a 5/6 so it will probably even fit next year.  I also feel much better about buying her dress from another mom (all be it one with a huge following) then I would have buying it from say Gymboree.  The only down side is it has left me seriously considering buying one of her patterns as well.  At this point I can hold out till 2013 though and I will probably try adapting my own from an Ottobre pattern first.
I did make these leggings though.  I even used a pattern that I had never used before since I was so close to 60 new patterns for the year.  I did not start the year out with a specific number in mind but once I got to 59 I just couldn't reuse a legging pattern when just about every issue of Ottobre has a slightly different one.  So these are the Cinnamon leggings from Ottobre 1/2011.  The only problem is I can't remember if I added extra length when I was cutting them out or not and they are just the perfect length .  They are also made from the last of the awful red tubular knit that I bought before I knew better.  Too bad I just found some of the same knit in navy blue. 

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