Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wearabiliby for Feb

This feels a bit self indulgent but I'm also really having fun.  Hopefully by the end of the process I'll have some great insights to share.  Oh well if not at least I will have gotten the chance to review my sewing for the year.

It wasn't a favorite then and it still isn't now.  I did wear it some this summer but I think I just prefer knit dresses for everyday wear.  I bought this pattern back when I thought I could only make dresses that looked like they would be easy now I'm much more willing to take chances.  I've still got a few more of this type sitting in my stash and can't decide if I should give them a go or just let them go unused.
The thumb wholes here are a real favorite.  She likes this whole outfit though.  The sleeves are great, the dress twirls, and its almost all pink.
This hasn't seen much wear.  The jumper is fine but she does not like to wear the collar since it spins around and gets in her way.  The problem is that without the collar the dress is too plain.  Oh well I'm still glad I gave it a go now I know that we don't care for smocked collars.
We wear them we like them what more can I say.
They were too short at the beginning of this winter but so was almost everything else.  I may make more one day but he really likes lined jeans and it was just too easy to order those from the Gap on cyber Monday.
I'm sure she's played dress up in this recently.  Its too much dress to just wear and some of the skirt fabric is pretty gross but it was cheap and hasn't fallen apart yet so oh well.
I wore these all the time last spring.  I haven't worn them quite as much this fall bc my other jeans are fitting a bit better.  Thanks to the elastic in the back these also still fit though and are great when I'm in a hippy mood.


  1. Love the mom and daughter look alike dresses. so cute.
    I made this colette dress for my daughter.. It was really big across the shoulders/neckline/collar, if I make it again, I must work on it.. yours looks like a really good fit.. Did you have to work on it much?

    1. I didn't tweek it much. I made a muslin and I'm pretty sure I went down a size in the top but I ended up lining the dress with the muslin since it fit. I have broad shoulders and bib boobs though so I'm sure that made a difference. Its not super fitted but I'm not comfortable in anything super fitted.