Friday, December 14, 2012

Wearability April

This year Easter fell in April.  Its possible that March had fewer posts since I was working on Easter.  I did a lot of sewing for contests and sew a longs in April.  I don't regret that but I don't plan on doing as much of it in 2013.
This was one of Emily's favorite dresses this summer.  The pom poms on the top started to fall off after a while and had to be fixed.  I guess I should have sewn each one on individually but I think it would have still needed some repair work.  The skirt used the last of a bunch of scraps which was also great.   One of these days I want to make one that uses 6 or 8 fabrics instead of just 3.  Probably this spring.  This one seems to be a staple around these parts.
I don't wear this one much.  I'm just not used to high waisted things or tucking in my top.  I still have the pattern but I will have to figure out some major changes if I want to make it again.  We'll see I may just pass it on.
Easter.  I love the smocking on the top.  She wore it to church some and just to play some.  Not as much as she could have bc she still loves her 2011 Easter dress and it still fits.  Oh well I wanted to use the smocking plate before she was too old for it.  I should use it for an Easter night gown this spring.
I made this for a Project Run and Play sew along.  I didn't win but I was proud of my work.  Emily really liked it as well.  It was fun to make with all of the applique work. I also love the flower pockets.  I think it represented my sewing style well too since I prefer to modify existing patterns to make what I want rather then drafting things from scratch. 
These were bad.  I was trying out a new size in the Jalie jeans.  They were a bit too tight and the rise was too low.  I wish I'd saved them though since I need to figure out what size to make in those.  I bought the craftsy jeans class though so I'm going to attempt to make my own pattern first.
I'm not sure what to say about this shirt.  I don't wear it often but I can't put my finger on why.  It fits well, it looks nice on, and it goes with everything.  I think I'm just not much of a white button up girl even if its made out of 3 neat fabrics.  This is part of why I stopped doing Sew Weekly challenges bc they cause me to make things that I don't really want.
I made a tutorial for this one.  Its my take on the old school Hanna Dresses.  Emily wore it a good bit I still kind of wish I hadn't added the stenciling to the bottom though.  I just didn't work the way I thought it would.
I love it she barely wore it no idea why.  I'm really glad I didn't buy the actual Gap one though since for whatever reason it went unloved.
Funny thing about the order in this post.  This one she loved and I didn't really care for.  The wore it all summer though so it was time well spent.  I'm still not very into upcycling but it was nice to get some more wear out of the top and a fun challenge to make the skirt.
These were great little summer pjs.

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  1. What fun clothes.. So fun to look back and remember .. SUch a great idea.. I am enjoying.