Monday, December 17, 2012

Wearability July

Its Super Emily in another cute knit dress.  I had fun mixing prints on this one and my husband had fun making a comic book out of the pictures.
These were cute they just had to be ironed along with the top they match so they didn't get worn as much as they could have.  It wasn't hard to change around a basic pattern to make the ruffle detail but I still find the nice already drafted patterns tempting.
This is the dress from the Burda Style book.  I tried the challenge myself to wear it a bit more often.  One of the challenges that I run into as a seamstress is that the patterns I'm drawn too aren't always or even often for garments that I'm used to wearing.  Hopefully going back though all of this will help me figure out a balance between the two.
I love it she wore it some but thankfully it will fit for a while.  I'm hoping that this summer when its not quite so long she will wear it more.
I like these little shorts.  Sadly these are the largest size the pattern comes in.  I don't think they will be long enough next summer but I'm hanging on to them bc I plan on adjusting the pattern so that I can make more shorts.  They are just so cute and the little side pockets proved useful on more then one occasion.

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