Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wearability June

I'm not going to highlight every June post.  In addition to sewing the kids and I tried some of the kid activities I'd been pinning.  I think the big takeaway from June is that I really do like a good knit dress for myself and for Emily. 
I made this dress during my short lived love affair with the wider double needle.  You see it looks a lot like cover stitching but its done on a regular machine.  The problem is it pops more easily then most things do.  I do like the dress and pattern and I do still have this one but some of the top-stitching has not held up super well.

I really enjoyed wearing this dress this summer.  I'm going to have to take the sides in a bit for next summer but I'm sure it will see a good bit more wear.  It looks nice and is super comfy what more can a girl ask for?

This was a copy cat dress and became one of her favorites.  I did have to redo the neckline though since it was done with a double needle as well.  If your interested I've started using a 3 step zig zag on necklines it doesn't look as much like rtw but it holds up to a lot more wear.  This has become even more necessary since Emily got her ears pierced and has started yanking necks even more then usual.
I made several swim suits this summer the big thing I learned was that my machine has a spandex stitch and I should use it.  Lesson here read you manual.  I also learned that 2 piece suits are better for long pool trips.
Here's another swim suit.  It was actually the first one I made and was not lined.  She wore it but I prefer lined suits.

Emily wore this dress for her last day of school.  She wore it some this summer but not as much as I would have liked.  I think the summer is when her style really started to grow up a bit.

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