Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wearability March

Around here March is the time when if you haven't started on you kids summer wardrobe you had better get to work.  We still have some cool days but we have many more where short sleeves are a must.  I think that is why most of my March sewing was for Emily.  I also made less in March then I did most months.  I can't remember why that was though.
I love the old fashion look of this dress.  I had purchased the pattern for a sew a long that I never got around to participating in so it was the smaller size bracket.  I'm a little bummed about that since it means I won't be making it again but it was nice to just cut the pattern instead of tracing it.  She wore it a good bit though maybe not as much as I would have liked. 
I've probably explained this more then once here but when I make one vintage pattern I tend to get excited and go buy 3 or 4 more from Etsy.  That is how this sweet little pattern came to be with me.  The down side to vintage patterns though is that they tend to only be one size meaning they can't just sit in your stash for a few years.  I think this is a perfectly cute dress but she really didn't seem to care for it.  She wore it for her Easter program at school and then a few other times but it was hard to put on and a pain to iron so it didn't get much love.  I think she was also starting to realize that its easier to play with your friends if you don't have a long dress on.
I made a skirt to go with this Target top and a top to go with a Target skirt for this post.  Both saw a good bit of love and this skirt and top are in the trunk for next summer and should still fit.  I was glad for my sewing skills here bc her father would not have let her out of the house in the shorts that were designed to go with this top.
This is my Mad Men dress for Sew Weekly.  It was a challenge to make but I wore it all spring.  Once summer hit it I wore it some but not on the really hot days since its two layers of fabric.  I didn't wear it this fall but I think that is just bc the print felt too springy for fall.  I really want to make another view of for winter perhaps in 2013.
Elijah needed a lot of shorts to start the spring.  He mostly gets taller but bc of that he outgrows the rise in pants and shorts from time to time.  He wore these some but developed a strong preference for athletic shorts this summer.  I can't imagine I will make many pairs of those unless I find the fabric on super clearance.
Not much more to say here since I already reviews this pattern.  Just like the other one I love the look of this skirt but it just isn't overly practical.  That said if your still going to make it anyways I showed my way of putting it together in the linked post and that was much easier then following the directions.


  1. I love looking back your last years sewing fun!!!

    The little blue dress is my absolute favortie.It looks adorable on Emily.. The purple
    is cute too.. but the blue is my favorite..

    Love your simplicity lissette dress. so cute. I have this pattern and made it. Really enjoyed wearing it.. Really comfortable.

    Happy sewing.

    1. I'm hoping to try a few more lissette patterns next year. I've done several and been pleased every time.