Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wearability May

I'm still a bit miffed that I made this one.  I bought the fabric to make an black maxi skirt.  I'm sure that I would have worn a black maxi skirt quite a lot.  I made this circle skirt for a Sew Weekly challenge and it just doesn't work for me.  Some of the problem is that it doesn't stay up well even with an elastic waist but the bigger problem is that I simply can't figure out what to wear it with or to.  Oh well I think it is still in my closet but that is only bc I haven't purged in a while.  It will be moving on next time I do.  It was fun to twirl though.
Some of you may remember that I added the fabric to the bottom of a smocked princess shirt that we have had for some time to make this for Emily.  I'm sure no one will be shocked to know that she liked it quite a lot.  I doubt that it will fit her this summer so I will probably turn the bottom of the dress into a skirt and make a new shirt.  I do still have the smocking plate after all.  I like to think that this is one of my funny sewing quirks.  While I don't love upcycling form the thrift store I very much enjoy finding ways to extend the life of things that I make for her.
This was too droopy and is gone.  Sigh.  I liked the sleeveless version of this pattern but the cap sleeve one was huge.
I made this little cape using a pattern from a library book.  The library really is the best place to get some of these cute crafty books that really only have one or two patterns you want anyways from.  Fill out a little paperwork and you can borrow books from all over the country.
I wore this dress so much this summer that it is starting to wear out.  I'm sure I will use the pattern again at some point.
I ended up not liking this top at all.  It got all twisted up when I tried to sleep in it.  I guess I'm just a knit tank top girl.  The bottoms are OK but the rise is a bit high.  I need some more pj shorts but I think I will try to copy my favorite pair next time instead of using this pattern.
She wore this outfit some this summer.  My plan for next summer is to make mostly shorts so I'm sure this pattern will make a number of appearances.  She's still young enough that we prefer things that are easy to pull up and down.  I also like that there are multiple options for the pattern.  The directions stink though so I took some pictures of the process.
This one just didn't go well.  The fabric was awful to work with, the pattern was a size too big, and I rushed the process.  I wore it one time for my mother's day dinner and it is no longer with us. 
This is a cute shirt made from the Sorbetto pattern  too bad it wads up like an old rag in the dryer.  If it was in my closet and ironed I picked it often but it was usually sitting on the ironing board in the sewing room.

The neck line of this one is really wide and the fit is not perfect.  I love the sleeves though and the sheer fabric was a dream to wear on super hot days.  Plus like I pointed out in the original post not much goes with florescent pink shorts.

Not a big lesson but at least three of the things I made this month would have been better off if I hadn't been rushing.  Now if I can just remember that as I move forward.

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