Friday, December 21, 2012

Wearability November

These are so recent its still hard to be sure but I wanted to go ahead and go back over November as well.  The best thing about November is the SWAP post I know I keep saying it but I really love this style of sewing.  I'm already looking forward to doing something similar for spring and summer. 
I think Emily's favorite SWAP piece has to be the pink minky pants.  My favorite is the shirt with the glasses.  All the pieces are getting a good bit of wear though and I'm loving that all the tops and bottoms go together.  My least favorite piece is the princess and frog top and that's bc I didn't really pay attention to the directions and made the neck way to wide.
Emily has worn her jumper a few times and I hear her little friend likes her's so all is well.
I also made some more doll clothes and the Village Frock but those are just way to recent to have much to say about.  They are all cute but its too soon to tell.  I'm also realizing that there are a few things I've photographed and never blogged about so I should have a bit of new content up in a day or two as well.

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