Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wearability October

You will notice that there are no Halloween costumes this year.  That's because we bought them.  I go back and forth on costume making but we were having a busy fall and I decided to just let them pick out of the catalog.
I love this jumper.  She has worn it some but was getting frustrated bc the buttons in the pack were coming undone.  I just sewed them up a bit so I'm hoping that will help.  Its also one of those dresses that will fit for a few years so I'm not that worried.  I doubt that I will make this particular pattern again only bc she only needs so many smocked dresses and I'd almost always rather try something new.
The hot pink one piece suit was getting too small and she wanted a new one for swim practice.  I like this one and so did she but she wore it about 3 times before she started getting so cold in the pool that we had to switch to her wet suit.  Oh well hopefully it will fit this summer.
This is one of 3 pairs of the same pants so I'm just going to talk about them one time here.  For the most part we like all 3 pairs the only complaint is that the ride down a bit.  If I  had them to make over again I would have added about an inch of rise to the back at least if not all the way around.  The studs are still on after multiple washings though so that's good news.  Now I just need to add them to more things so that the applicator doesn't feel like such a gratuitous purchase.
These were cute and easy to make.  The rise is a little high but other they that they are good.  I did have to add a lot of the fun details myself but I think that is one of the things to remember with big 3 doll patterns.  The bones of most of them are fine they just don't add the cute bits so you have to figure that out yourself.


  1. So so cute.. It is amazing to watch Emily and how she has grown throughout the year.. I have Christmas card photos of the grandkids, and I was just looking today.. and it made me want to cry when I saw that my Emily looks like a teenager this year, and a little girl last

    1. Wow I'm not ready to think about looking like a teenager I can barely handle how my Emily looks like a girl not a toddler. Thanks for checking out these posts I'm hoping that going through everything from this year will help me figure out my goals for next year.