Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wearability Report Jan

I hope ya'll don't mind but I've been thinking lately that it would be fun to go back through the year of sewing and report on what has bee useful and what has not.  Partially I'm trying to hone in on some goals for next year sewing wise.  I'm sure that one of next years goals will have something to do with making more useful things and becoming less dependent on RTW basics and what not.

This is a combo of the June Bug dress and a Violet Fields skirt that I made for the first Project Run and Play sew along challenge.  Honestly, it didn't turn out quite how I had hoped.  It was also sort of hard to put on and move in so it didn't see much wear and has moved on.  I did all of the sew a longs for this particular cycle.  I don't think I will be doing that this time.  I felt like it kept me from making things that would have been more useful and while my pride liked the extra blog hits at the end of the day I've become happy and thankful for the smaller audience that seems to enjoy my blog as is. 
This is the tunic made from Simplicity 2054  the fit was great its pretty hot though since its made out of wool faced fleece.  It also has elbow slits that are not super ideal for a cold weather top.  I actually have some fabric to make a purple dress but I haven't made the time to make it just yet.  The Christmas party that I was thinking of wearing it to got moved to January so perhaps I will use that as my motivation.  Or perhaps not I really just want to make a comfy long sleeve knit dress.
I made a bunch of doll clothes as well.  Almost all of them were for a friends daughter but this little purple outfit is still floating around our house.  Emily likes to dress all things not just her dolls so there is no tell who will be wearing this all all her doll outfits from one day to the next.
This was my fist Sew Weekly contribution.  I did every week for a while but haven't lately.  Much like the Project Run and Play things I started to feel like they were keeping me from making things I wanted to make.  As for this outfit I still love the skirt but the shirt was always bad.
This was made from the last pattern I purchased in 2011.  I'll be honest here though.  I made several and love the way it looks but she can't sit down on the floor in it without showing her panties so they don't see much love.  I think it would be better if the skirt were aline which it is not.  I may try it again when she's a bit bigger but for now the pattern has been retired as have the skirts.
This was another Project Run and Play creation.  It was inspired by 90s fashion.  I loved it and she wore it some but felt like it was more of a top then a dress.  I might buy the pattern again now that she will wear tunics but sadly this was too small this winter and had to move on.
Not sure what to say about this one.  I get a lot of compliments on it so I still wear it some but it feels like a maternity top to me so I don't wear it much and won't make it again.
This was my fist foray back into knitting since Emily was born.  She actually wears it more this year then she did last year.  I'm also glad that it got me back to knitting a bit.  As she's getting older and being a bit less into smocked items I've enjoyed having another outlet for my handwork addiction.
I've lost a little weight so these end up stretching out too much too fast.  I love them though.  One thing I'm sure of is that I want to make more pants next year.
This one has seen a lot of wear this year as well.  Its more of a tunic now but she has been wearing tunics more lately since she loves monkey bars and does not like tights.  The neck line of this pattern does not behave well though so its on my do not make again list.  I've also decided that I prefer using craft pant with textile medium to stencil rather then fabric paint.  Fabric pants cracks when you stretch it while craft pants gets more of a vintage tee shirt look over time as long as you remember the textile medium.
So there is January in review.  I can also tell you that the jeggings are super uncomfortable and I wish I hadn't ordered them.  I linked to the original post somewhere in each caption if you want more details about any of them.


  1. I so enjoyed looking back at all the pretty things you have sewed this year.. and deciding which things worked and which didn't.. Happy sewing and Merry Christmas.

  2. I'm going to enjoy this series.... I totally agree about the non-a-line of the purple skirt. I was thinking of buying that pattern until you told me how straight it was. I think it would work better a bit fuller. And thanks for the tip about the textile medium. It'll be good to remember when I ever get around to painting something! ;)

    1. Thanks I hope it ends up being enjoyable. Its certainly proving useful to me.