Thursday, January 10, 2013

Butterfly Hoodie

The first thing I bought when my self imposed pattern buying ban was lifted was the Craftsy sewing with knits class.  Mind you I have already done quite a bit of sewing with knits but I was interested in learning some new tricks and I'm still on the hunt for a basic top pattern that fits me well.  So far I'm enjoying the class.  The teacher is Meg from Sew Liberated and she is pleasant and seems like the kind of lady I'd love to have a sewing play date with. I will be honest and tell you that some of the early lessons were super long and had more info then I needed but I handled this by letting them run in the background while I surfed the web and then clicking over whenever it sounded like information I needed.  You can also skip to specific chapters in the lessons which I did a bit since I wasn't interested in the information about different types of knits. The class is all about using your regular machine though and for the most part I've been sticking with using my serger and cover stitch machine.   I've still picked up some good tips though.  I'm planning to work through the projects in order with other things interspersed of course.  This is my take on the hoodie pattern.

I took this picture because I wanted to show you my favorite part of the hoodie pattern.  See how it has a nice waist curve!  This is great for me since so many patterns of this type are just rectangles and I don't want anyone to think all of me is as wide as the girls.  As far as sizing goes I made a medium and for the most part I like the fit.  In the future however I will add a few inches to the sleeves and probably an inch right at the waist line.
Here's a model shot can you tell my kids were bugging me while my husband was taking it?  I'm also shocked at how grey my hair is getting lately.  Oh well such is life.  Its soft and comfy though and I think it looks pretty on.
The fabric is not my favorite.  I bought it on sale a few years ago to make something or another for myself.  I would have preferred some yummy bamboo fleece dyed a pretty color but I wanted to test the pattern with something that I had on hand already.  I didn't list that as an official goal for the year nor do I want to limit my fabric purchasing but I am trying to use things that are in my stash whenever possible.  I figure this will keep me from wasting money on wadders.  Not that I didn't spend money on my current stash but that is just water under the bridge at this point.


  1. I love your new hoodie.. Looks cute on you..
    I have been hearing so much about the Craftsy class. I think I will have to buy it.. Do you think it is worth it? thanks

    1. I got it on sale for $14.95 and I do think it was worth that. They put things on sale all the time though so unless you simply must have it this moment I would wait till its at least half off being as that seems to happen quite a bit.