Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Patterns

As you may know the pattern buying band of 2012 which lead to a year in which I only purchased 4 patterns has been lifted.  At first I thought I would go crazy this January but the truth is I've been much more thoughtful about my purchases.  Now this may have something to do with the fact that I still have quite a few projects here at the house that I would like to finish but I think the year helped as well.  Anyways I thought you might be interested to know which ones I bought.

First was the Craftsy Sewing With Knits class.  Technically this came with quite a few patterns but since they were sold as a unit I counted it as one purchase.  So far I've made the hoodie and am working on the v-neck.  It needs an arm adjustment but most tops do on me.
I also got the Oliver and S badminton skort pattern.  It was on my Christmas list and in my plans for Emily's summer wardrobe so I went ahead and got it when my local sewing store had it on sale in January.
Next up my first pattern sale purchase of 2013 Vogue 1327.  I just love this one.  The twist, the gathers at the waist.  I will be working on it this spring and summer as I have at least one wedding to attend this year and am going to Paris.  Mine will not be red though.  What color do you think it should be?
Then the Simplicity patterns went on sale and they are my most lusted after brand when it comes to personal sewing.  I've also had several positive experinces with their lisette line though sadly those were all sold out when I went so I left with 3 patterns.

Simplicity 1706.  Emily has been asking for a new poncho since she outgrew the one she got in the toddler swap back when she was a toddler.  I also picked up some Hello Kitty fleece and should probably get on that next.
Simplicity 2226 which looks like a great easy summer skirt pattern.  The truth is as much time as I spend sitting on the floor I do best with a full skirt.
Simplicity 2700 See I've been thinking about buying the sewaholic pants pattern for a while but its is specifically designed for pear shaped women and my measurements did not come close to theirs so I decided to give this similar amazing fit pattern a go.  I looking forward to trying out this line since I still haven't done so.  Maybe if I like it I will even use the blouse pattern for 2011. 
I'm mostly done now I think.  There are some others that I want but I'm in no hurry.  I'd also love to find a cute girls shorts pattern similar to these from mini boden if anyone has any ideas.

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  1. I like the poncho view with the peekaboo ruffles! And I practically lived in shorts like those mini boden ones when I was a kid. No pattern suggestions, though. My only pattern purchase so far this year is the Modkid Penny. I made the muslin, now I just have to commit to cutting the fabric....