Sunday, January 20, 2013

pins pins pins

I pin more then I make by far but I also took the time to organize my boards last month and have actually used a good number.  Here are some that have gone well and not so well.

Home made peanut butter.  Seriously, I had no idea all you had to do was put peanuts in a food processor.  We love this stuff though.  I'm sure I will still be buying it as well but we are trying to eat less processed food in these parts and this is a great way to get there.

I've been assembling my own HE detergent for months now and this stuff is better then anything else I've tried in my machine.  It does a number on the food processor though.

My bath fizzies puffed up huge and dissolved super fast so I don't think we will make them again.  I'm not sure why it happened but I also don't care to figure it out.

Glitter playdough is fun but makes Emily look a little bit like a Twilight style vampire.

Nothing sticks to my nails for long even salon gel polish only made it a week.  This stuff made it two days and it smells funny.  I guess the positive here is I don't often have to use remover it just peals off in sheets.

The kids liked these smoothies fresh and frozen.  They did not care for the pbj ones from the same sight though.

These egg muffin things have been a huge hit in the lunch boxes.  I've been trying to pack healthier lunches lately.  I'm tempted to start taking instagrams of them.

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