Tuesday, January 15, 2013

rainbows and hearts

Two years ago we had a colder winter causing much griping about cold feet and I bought Jalie 2453.  Then we went to Joann's as a family and picked out fleece to make some socks.  I made everyone a few pairs of socks before running completely out of steam.  Turns out making fleece socks is boring plus they aren't super comfy in shoes so everyone really only needs about 2 pairs for around the house.  However, during that trip Emily discovered this awful fluffy cuddle fabric that I thought was fleece and I bought her enough at the time for socks and a hoodie.  Then it sat on my shelf until it was just barely enough for a hoodie.  Honestly if she hadn't kept asking me about it I probably would have donated it to goodwill but she simply would not forget about this fabric.
I traced and cut the pattern while she was playing with my mom so I just guessed at her size.  I made a 6 which fits pretty well except that the arms are too long.  In her opinion the arms are just right mind you.
The pattern itself went together very nicely.  This fabric is pretty awful to sew though and none of my machines were even loosely fond of how thick and bulky it was.  That said I think the pictures speak for themselves.  She loves everything about it and it is really a summery of all things girly.

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  1. So cute.. and I can tell Emily is very happy with the outcome.. Happy sewing.